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Tactical Realism
This page contains information about Tactical Realism

"TACTICAL REALISM" is an attempt to structure realistic play in FPS gaming. The BRM (CoD:WaW) and WRM (CoD2) mods implement a number of basic rules to encourage a realistic feel to WWII based games.

Where WWII soldiers carried real packs that slowed them down, weapons with limited range, accuracy and ammo, we have tried to mimic this with our mods. Similarly we have tried to stop players jumping from unrealistic heights, jumping like kangaroos, throwing grenades too far or to places they probably would not have in real life.

With the aid of the B3 Server Administration Bot we also run a number of rules in conjunction with the mod to make things run smoothly. The most important aspect of TR on |Brothers| servers is to enable fun in a structured manner. We like mature players who like to communicate with their team and play as individuals within a team working to a common goal against a common enemy.