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You must be a registered user to apply. Click here to register

Read Before Applying:

Please join us on our Teamspeak ( Pass = brothers)

No applicant has been successful if they have not been on our Teamspeak before applying.

Membership Terms.

1. I am 18 years of age or over.
    (We do accept younger members on rare occasions, depending on their maturity)

2. I will behave in a appropiate and adult manner while I am a member of Brothers.

Clan Charter

1. We are a clan that takes our gaming seriously, so we don't tolerate talking all the time in Teamspeak when gaming.

2. We are a clan that has two units and is involved in leagues (when available), weekly friendlies or ad hoc scrims, so how you apply yourself as a |Brothers| member is a serious matter.

3. You will be joining |Brothers| on the thinking that you will improve as a player and your communication skills will be second to none once you have settled in.

4. Your clan involvement is also a major part of how we run the clan, so if you are thinking of applying and are successful and then never join Teamspeak or do not get involved with the Brothers forums, you will not be in the clan long.

By Clicking this button you demonstrate that you agree with our membership terms and clan charter.